AC Installation in Greater Sacramento

AC Installation in Greater Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

BIGMOUNTAIN HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING, WINDOWS, DOORS & SOLARSAn AC installation is as good as the skills of the individual who’s done the job. Unfortunately, not all HVAC technicians are equally adept at their jobs. There are some who stand out from the crowd, and there are people who under-perform quite significantly. If you’re looking to have a skilled and reliable HVAC expert on-board for your project, look for the following traits:

Technical Knowledge

A skilled technician must have vast understanding and knowledge of technical information, which includes schematics, specifications, blueprints, and ladder logic. The technician must know how multiple systems and their controls function, besides understanding processes relating to steam heating, hot water heating, water cooling, and air conditioning. The HVAC expert must be familiar with testing machinery and tools, which includes humidity recorders, airflow meters, ohmmeters, and voltmeters.

Communication and Computer Skills

The technician must be capable of communicating orally with supervisors, customers, and colleagues, and also in writing for preparing reports, specifications, and instructions. Strong computer skills entail the ability to use multiple software applications or programs for retrieving job assignments, controlling and monitoring systems, and performing various other computer jobs.

Safety and Troubleshooting

The HVAC professional should possess troubleshooting skills and must be able to ascertain where the issues stem from when carrying out system inspection. A skilled HVAC technician is familiar with the different safety hazards linked to the job, and also knows how to prevent accidents.

Customer Service

Seasoned technicians know how to interact with and handle their customers. They can explain to their clients, in simple language, how the system functions or the types of repairs required. Generally, these experts are comfortable answering queries, are patient, and willing to follow-up with requirements.

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