Solar Services Rocklin, El Dorado Hills

Solar Services Rocklin, El Dorado Hills & Surrounding Areas

We are the company who provides all round solar services Rocklin, El Dorado Hills & surrounding areas. When you make the decision to make the transition from electricity from the grid to solar power it is a decision that I am sure you have thought long and hard about. You have done your research and investigated every possible option. Big Mountain Air is a company who is able to assist you.

Services – The Full Monty

At Big Mountain Air we are competent in every area. We offer advice on the best solar system for your requirements, a design team that will maximize your benefits obtained, implementation and installation of equipment to enhance active solar with specific detail to panel placements, maintenance on the systems that offer both preventive and corrective measures, reliable repairs when the need arises whether during normal hours or emergency hours and of course the eventual replacement of any section of your setup. We are the complete solar services Rocklin, El Dorado Hills & surrounding areas contractor you can turn to regardless of your requirements.

Tech Team – Fantastic

Technical jargon is something the everyday person knows nothing about. You rely on the information provided to you by your service provider. At Big Mountain Air we deal with clients in only one way. Honesty! Our technical team is skilled, qualified and experienced to carry out the work but they also have a desire to provide honest, efficient, diligent service. You can be assured that when we speak to you, the truth is what you’ll hear. Upfront transparency is the only way to forge lasting relationships.

About Big Mountain – Our Story In A Nutshell

Big Mountain Air saw its inception in 2006. We were enthusiastic about the idea of providing a quality service to the community and that enthusiasm has never fizzled out. We have built a reputation over they years as the contractor who is only a phone call away. We offer quality services, equipment, and workmanship throughout the industry. Our professionalism and work ethic are welcomed by our clientele. Honesty, integrity, respect and diligence keep us on the path to satisfying you. We are in this business to help people achieve comfort, cost savings and satisfaction and that hasn’t changed in 11 years.

Call Big Mountain Air today for the whole package where solar services Rocklin, El Dorado Hills & surrounding areas are concerned. Besides our fantastic array of services, we have added a few extras. Upfront pricing, maintenance plans, emergency services and financial solutions. Everything you need to make the experience with us one you will not soon forget.

Solar is the way to go and we are the company to take you there. 916-378-4244.