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What type of problem are you having?
What type of Air Conditioner Problem are you having?

This can be Caused by your Thermostat:


  • Make sure your thermostat is turned On
  • Set 3 degrees below room temperature
  • Turn Cool, not fan or heat

If the thermostat screen is blank, then the battery is dead. Replace the battery.

Did that solve your problem?

Your Air Filter May be Dirty.

Check yours and change if visibly dirty

Did that solve your problem?
Is your outdoor unit running?

Your AC’s circuit breaker may have been tripped:

Here’s what to do:

  • Find your breaker box and look for the circuit labeled “air conditioner”
  • Try flipping that circuit to “off” and then “on”
  • Give your air conditioner a couple minutes and see if it comes on now
Did that solve your problem?
Is there air coming out of your vents?
Is there Ice on your Outdoor Unit?
Is there air coming out of your vents?
Is there Ice on your Outdoor Unit?


Glad we were able to help you solve your problem. We’ll be here if you need us again.

Sounds like you need expert care.

Please turn off your system and get professional help.

Schedule your repair appointment
What type of heating problem are you having?
What type of heater do you have?

This can be Caused by your Thermostat:


  • Make sure your thermostat is turned On
  • Set 3 degrees below room temperature
  • Turn Cool, not fan or heat

If the thermostat screen is blank, then the battery is dead. Replace the battery.

Did that solve your problem?

This can be Caused by your Thermostat:


  • Make sure your thermostat is turned On
  • Set 3 degrees below room temperature
  • Turn Cool, not fan or heat

If the thermostat screen is blank, then the battery is dead. Replace the battery.

Did that solve your problem?
What best describes your heating problem?

Make sure power is getting to the furnace

Try this:

  • Check your home’s electrical panel. Flip the furnace’s circuit to “off” and then “on” again.
  • Look for a switch (like a light switch) near your furnace and make sure it is set to "on".
Did that solve your problem?
Is your outdoor unit running?
Is there ice on your outdoor unit?

Your heat pump’s circuit breaker may have been tripped.

Here’s what to do:

  • Find your breaker box and look for the circuit labeled “heat pump” or “air conditioner”.
  • Try flipping that circuit to “off” and then “on”.
  • Give your heat pump a couple minutes and see if it comes on now.

Note: If your heat pump is regularly tripping your circuit breaker, contact us immediately as there is a larger problem.

Did that solve your problem?
Is there ice on your outdoor unit?
Is the noise coming from the outside or inside unit?
What type of heater do you have?

Is there steam coming from the unit, as well?

Here’s what to do:

This is your heat pump's normal defrost mode.

What type of smell?
Did you just turn your heater on for the first time this winter?

This is likely normal.

The smell should go away in a few minutes.

Contact us if the smell persists.

Turn off your furnace now!

There could be a dangerous gas leak in your home. Turn off your furnace immediately and contact a heating repair person.

You need your regular maintenance

This is usually caused by a dirty coil and/or lack of regular maintenance on your heater.

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What Our Clients
are Saying

  • Big Mountain Heating & Air is a great company, Mark C. came out to the house to inspect my heating unit. He was fast, efficient and took the time to explain things about what his company and what services they provide  and how I could maintain the system now and in the future. The rates are great and I look forward to future relations with them. Thanks Mark and Big Mountain Heating & Air.
    Alian K.
  • Big Mountain Air is the absolute best in the business.  Yesterday a technician by the name of Gabe arrived to service the a/c in preparation for the winter shutdown. I found him to be efficient,  knowledgeable,  clean,  and courteous.  All of the techs that I have met over the years are excellent, but Gabe certainly deserves a standing ovation for taking the extra time to take care of the thermostat that I had been trying to program for a year. Hooray for Big Mountain and Gabe!  They really train them right.
    Susan D.
  • Great job, very professional and  good value. Love my new unit!  Thanks, Chris k!   Our duct work was shot and Chris noticed it and showed us...the one other company we had come over, never even went to the attic!  I'm so glad I called big mountain air!! :-)
    Shelly K.
  • Thank you Dave and Gabe from Big Mountain Heating and Air! You saved the day! I came home from grocery shopping, hands full of bags to a horribly hot house.  Being 8 months pregnant along with a 5 yr old and 1.5 yr old, I knew I needed to get this fixed ASAP.  I called and within just a few hours they were here to help!  Thank you!  Definitely will use this company again.
    Rikki C.
  • Dave Fear from Big Mountain came out and fixed my Ac system, he was very helpful in explaining everything and made sure I knew what he would be doing. Big Mountain did an excellent job and had expedited service so that I didn't have to sit in the heat to long. Great customer service!!! I recommend them to anyone looking for quick, friendly and overall exceptional service. Thanks Big Mountain.
    Naomi J.
  • I've enjoyed my time at Big Mountain! Toby & Varin take very good care of their staff and Technicians! If I need something all I have to do is ask! Great place to work!
    Stephen B.
  • 2 years in and our air went down. Joe came to the rescue, was very thorough and got us back up and running, all under warranty. Super cool.
    Dan D.
  • Had issues with them in the past. Called them again when thermostat went out because they had installed our unit. What a difference a good office manager and service tech can make! Ashley took care of our concerns right away and sent out the best service tech ever. In fact we have requested Sergio for all future maintenance calls. He is very knowledgeable, polite, friendly and honest. Thanks Big Mountain!
    Krystal L.
  • I had a appointment with them between 1-3 and one of their staff members called me and kept me updated when they will arrive which was nice. Steve arrived on time and was really nice for explaining what could the cause be. My ac fan was working but cool air wasn't coming out. Anyways I called them and got the appointment for the next day which was great because a lot of places were giving me appointments for the next week and it being summer and I have dogs, I couldn't wait that long. When Steve arrived he checked our fan which was running great and than he went and checked the attic. Only thing he found wrong was that our vent needed a new filter because it was really old. Luckily we had an extra one and he replaced it. No cost. I see mixed reviews but they worked out awesome for me. No charge when there's no issue makes sense. Thanks guys
    Kriti D.
  • This is a review for a complete HVAC system replacement from Big Mountain. I started at the SMUD website looking for the best rebate program and found a list of contractors there. I vetted out companies that had a lower number of completed jobs per the SMUD rebate program data. From there, I went to yelp and vetted that list with companies that had good reviews. Then I picked 3 companies to bid my replacement job. Big Mountain really performed well at all phases: first contact, follow up, first appointment, job analysis, options for the best solution, more follow up and finally installation. My house is not huge, but it's old and can be tricky. Big Mountain sent a crew in that knew what they had to do, how to work together seamlessly, and got the job done in one day. They even brought mobile AC units to keep my family comfortable while my old broken system was down. When they finished the project, I could hardly tell they were in my home. Every single person from the office manager, the sales person, the install crew, and others, conducted themselves with professionalism, kindness, and caring that I did not expect but really appreciated. Very highly recommended for any kind of HVAC work.
    Lee S.
  • I spent almost a year researching various companies to install my new HVAC system, followed by multiple calls/ quotes from ALL the local HVAC companies. Big Mountain by far exceeded my expectations for price, quality, and customer service. Big Mountain also encouraged me to get other quotes from other companies (something no other HVAC company did they all said they were the best). My installer Rob was awesome he did not rush the job and took his time to do the extra work and ensure I was satisfied. He also took picture of my Installation in the attic and sent them to me. They sent out an amazing team to clean and seal the ducts. I have had many HVAC companies out to service my old system to get a feel for their service and I can say with confidence that Big Mountain has the absolute best service by bar from any of the HVAC companies. I really appreciate every staff member that I worked with and I wish I remembered all names. lastly thank you Steve and Martina for putting up with my many calls and questions and quote after quote on all brands and sizes. Your the best.
    Mnmy Y.
  • Super nice staff and wonderful response time. Our AC went out at 5 pm and they were here at 7 pm! Everywhere else we called had us on a three day wait. Would definitely recommend Richard or Stephen and will be using this company again and again for our heating and air needs.
    Jenn F.
  • I was lucky enough to have Chris come out to visit my home and give me an in person quote (a different company gave me a quote via email and I was NOT impressed). He talked me through the process since my home didn't have any heating or air conditioning and this would be a completely new system. He spent time explaining the financing which was what locked me in. I was able to finance my project with no money down and low monthly payments! The price included 3rd party testing, all of the permits needed and warranties for years - since this is my first house I want to put in premium products and take care of my investments, and Big Mountain made me feel confident about choosing their services. The reason I am giving Big Mountain five stars is because even though I found them through Yelp I forgot to mention their deal at the time (5% off a new system) and was given a quote without that discount. They were awesome though and were able to get me the discounted rate even after the paperwork was signed! Also, to get a deal on financing the whole project had to be done within a week and a half and they made it WORK. Thank you Big Mountain!
    Erica L.
  • Had my A/C go out yesterday, called Big Mountain today and they had a serviceman in my area of Lincoln, he was here within a half hour and fix my unit in a very professional manner, and the cost was reasonable. I was very impressed with the company and the serviceman. Richard was a great representative of the company and a nice guy. Knew what he was doing and took care of the problem, I am so cool now, thanks to Richard ! A very nice experience and an ending to a stressful event. THANK AGAIN TO ALL AT BIG MOUNTAIN.
    Tom D.
  • Big Mountain has great customer service, knowledgeable technicians and run a great small business. I have had multiple little issues with my HVAC, and they are the easiest to schedule and have had a great track record of fixing the problems. Recently I had a coolant leak. I was a little upset when the leak was larger than expected and the $700 worth of refrigerant was gone before they came to repair. They acknowledged that it was a surprise to them and worked out a deal that made me a happy customer again. It's uncommon these days to deal with people that run a business with integrity, like Big Mountain. They have made such a good impression that I am now a "lifelong" customer and going out of my way to write this review!
    Patrick D.

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Big Mountain Heating & Air is a trusted heating and air-conditioning company serving Greater Sacramento and Surrounding Areas since 2006. Our highly trained and professional team leaves no stone untouched to make sure that you are happy. No job is too small or too big for us and we will make sure that you and your family are comfortable. [huge_it_video_player id="1"]

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